Fascinations - What's he doing??

I'm drawn to the studies of 3D printing and how this technology can help in the rapid (and affordable) fabrication of assistive devices.

  • 3D Printing
  • Healthcare
  • Tech


The ability for anyone to learn the process of designing and then printing the parts necessary to create assistive devices led me to the study of CAD and the software we can use to manipulate designs for end users.

Adaptive Design

Have you seen a gorgeous adapted kitchen? If you have, please let me know - I love to cook and am always looking for a better experience in the kitchen!

Wheelchair Design

Wheelchairs have been fundamentally the same for the last 50+ years. There was no impetus to re-design or re-work the basic shape of the device until fabrication technologies have lowered the cost. There are some exciting innovations happening now.


Some skills and projects from my career that may prove relevant or perhaps interesting.

  • Event Logistics

    Working to ensure all elements of large scale event technology comes together to provide wonderful experiences for attendees and VIPs.

  • Engagement Tracking

    Created systems for tracking VIPs and event attendees in real time using individually barcoded VIP cards and ticketing designs.

  • Web and Ineractive

    Design and oversight for multiple event websites and digital experiences.

  • Video

    Shot and edited video of artists, curators and arts interested public interacting with art and the art space.

  • Event Photography

    Creating and maintaining an extensive library of promotional imagery for multiple events each year.

  • Wayfinding and Graphics Production

    I was part of a team that designed and built amazing event experiences for thousands of people each year. We created, printed, installed and critiqued gigantic installations using in-house technologies and working with a wide range of materials.

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